Saturday, February 22, 2014

Protests Thailand

Violence returned streets Bangkok
Police protesters clashed
Four dead hundred injured

Exchanged gunfire Tuesday
Witnesses police grenades

Three killed protesters
Fourth member police

Protesters given up before
Allowing police clean up protest camps

Fifteen thousand police currently Bangkok
Protester numbers climbing tens thousands

Response violence military warned intervene violence continued
However not say pick side political arena

Protests began November
Demands Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra resign
Demanding family leave country

Protests seemingly died out last week
Prime minister’s party able win elections

Original written by Jonathan Sangster.  Is the modern generation more likely to care about news if it is written as in the original traditional news style or in the “retelling” method?  How much is this example of "traditional" influenced by the modern communication style?

Ukraine Leader Flees

Rapidly moving story
President Ukraine fled capital overnight
Protestors stormed government buildings
Appear seized control center Kiev

Dramatic turn events week plagued violence hundreds casualties
Questions remain
End story
Putin-backed government collapsing
Opposition forces succeed
Regime regrouping preparing mount ferocious assault protestors
Russia ominously intervene militarily Ukraine splits

President Obama called Russian President Putin Friday
Hopes persuading Kremlin support E.U. negotiated truce
Moscow’s intentions unclear

CNN reporting Ukraine’s plans tap Russia $2 billion emergency funding fallen apart
Country sliding economic disaster
Russia said ready buy Ukrainian bonds
Part $15 billion package agreed December
Cold feet anti-government protests escalated
Ukrainian finance ministry canceled planned bond sale Thursday
Needs cash repay $13 billion debt

Putin worked turn Ukrainian government away West
Offering $15 billion aid
Analysts differ extent Russian leader pulling strings crisis

Size Ukraine’s population less economy valuable asset
Eurasian Union Putin building post-Soviet
Harvard’s Simon Sardzhyan noting Putin advisers see
Russians Ukrainians Belarusians one people draw Ukraine Moscow’s orbit

Yanukovich never Russia’s man says Dmitri Trenin director Carnegie Moscow Center
Myth difficult partner Russia unreliable let down occasions not trusted

Protesters took control capital Saturday seizing president’s office
Parliament sought oust
Sought form new government
CBS News
Aide President Viktor Yanukovych said left Kiev support base country’s Russian-speaking east
No intention abandoning power

CBS correspondent Holly Williams reports Kiev
Police force now serves people shares desire speedy change
Special parliament session lawmakers warned country risks split
Country’s western regions want closer EU
Rejected Yanukovych’s authority many cities
Eastern Ukraine bulk economic output favors closer ties Russia
People risen achieved goals
Authorities crumbling
Victory sight
31-year-old construction worker Sviatoslave Gordichenko outside residential compound belong Yanukovych

Opposition unit control presidential palace outside Kiev Saturday
Leaders in Parliament Ukraine’s president Viktor F. Yanukovych fled capital day after
Deal reached ending country’s spiral violence reports New York Times

Members opposition group Lviv called 31st Hundred carrying clubs wearing masks
Control entryways palace Saturday morning
Three opposition leaders one Vitali Klitschko signed deal end violence
Said Mr. Yanukovych left capital whereabouts unknown
Members opposition speculating gone Kharkiv northeast Ukraine
Protesters claimed established control Kiev
Saturday morning secured intersections city government district
Police officers fled leaving burned military trucks mattresses heaps garbage positions occupied months

Wall Street Journal government authority melt Saturday leaving protesters take control capital’s center
President Viktor Yanukovych left city country’s Russian-speaking east
Allies said no intention giving up power
Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko called parliament vote oust Mr. Yanukovych
Called announce presidential elections May
Police withdrew center capital.  Mr. Yanukovych not appear publicly Saturday
Day after signing agreement share power opponents call new elections
News agencies quoted aid saying continuing fulfill constitutional duties
Planned appear television later Saturday Kharkov
Scheduled meet voters participate meeting legislators country’s Russian-speaking south east
Reported opposition leader former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko expected released prison
Saturday volunteer security brigades protesters security government buildings capital
Journalists reported 300 people entered Mr. Yanukovych’s opulent suburban residence no resistance.

Original written by Joel Rosenberg.  Compare to the original.  Do some subjects lend themselves better to the deconstructed style than others?  

Church Undermine Marriage

Redefine marriage factors social media theology
West progressive liberal thoughtful
Evangelicals point world

Gospel congregation contributed
Erosion strong institution
Not divorce cohabitation
Three wrong messages really think marriage

1. Important Stability
Parents fear children
Not lose faith
Not pregnancy
Fear find mate settle marry college
Finish school

Young ready tie-the-knot
Father suitors mature not slacker Angry Birds
Treat marriage plague avoided
Telling children put off convenient
Listen advice rob kids blessed sanctifying tool
God’s hands
Rhythms life cycles repentance forgiveness
Like Christ

Some couples should wait
No one enters marriage perfect ready
Encourage young couples marry
Watch inevitable grit grace intimacy weave gospel story

2. Important Church Activities
Years ago wedding church Bible Belt
Traditional marriage polls well
Couple altar life transformed God grace
Brokenness beauty redemption Christ
Event disruption Church calendar

Bride groom paid hall venue rented
Wedding same celebrated sterile city hall building
Not lack Christian symbols d├ęcor
Lack interest stunning church
Fair megachurch every wedding fanfare family friends

Wedding day nuisance speed bump
Highway Church’s important weekend activities
Wedding party hard finding help facility rooms sound system
Pastor credit kind helpful shepherded new couple
Couple heard contradictory message happy you married don’t ruin
Awesome big idea Sunday draw people church hear gospel

Demonstrate gospel weddings
Christian weddings not secular ceremonies
Celebrates God’s loving intentional design
People pursued rescued appointed
Future kings queens universe
Intimate union man woman God
Signpost another kingdom builder maker God

Weddings should not incidental occasions life God’s covenant community
Prompt celebration worship
Church gather around new couple bear presence prayers generous giving

3. End Dreams Utopia or Nightmare
Commentator suggest before gay-rights movement
Evangelicals undermined marriage
Modeling opposite preached
Lifeless marriages resemble business partnerships more intimate union
Young disinterested marriage
Never seen marriage modeled well real life
Intimacy spark love evaporates when kids attention
Avoiding hassle marriage young check-out

Correcting problem swing opposite direction
Present marriage more meant to be
Hoping cultivate healthy sexuality
Sell marriage utopia ultimate destination hopes dreams sex
Set up disappointment
But vibrant Christian marriage foretaste better gift Christ

Marriage neither nightmare portrayed nor heaven
Instead temporary theater
Christ sanctifying working glory
Not preach gospel pulpit deny attitude marriage.

Original written by Daniel Darling.  Take a look at the original.  In what ways was the author already reaching out to the modern styles of reading and comprehension?